Mortgage Refinance

Are you looking to reduce your monthly payment? Would you like to see if you can lower your current interest rate? Have you thought about making improvements to your home or paying off current credit card debt? Would you like to reduce the term of your loan?

If any of the above questions apply to you and your family, please contact me today to see how we can refinance your mortgage!

Conventional Mortgage Refinance

  • 80% cash out on a refinance (primary residence, single family)
  • 95% non-cash out (rate and term, primary residence, single family)
  • 75% cash out (investment property, single family)
  • 80% non-cash out (investment property, single family)
  • 70% cash out (investment property, 2-4 unit)
  • 75% non-cash out (investment property, 2-4 unit)

FHA Mortgage Refinance

*Current FHA loan can refinance with or without new appraisal.

  • Streamline (does not require another appraisal, will use last appraisal, cannot take cash out)
  • Refinance with appraisal (can refinance and take cash out, or non-cash out also known as a rate and term)
  • 85% cash out, 85% of the new appraised value
  • Non cash-out loans: Up to 97.75 % of the new appraised value

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